One Michigan Moment in T.I.M.E.

Published: April 1, 2021

Formats: Paperback

From the flap: "Each day I live, I want to be a day to give the best of me. I'm only one; but not alone. My finest day is yet unknown."

Deriving from Whitney Houston's 1988 Olympic opening song, Author Adam Harris was inspired by the above lyrics, coinciding with his roots as a Michigander and Michigan Wolverine, to name his third book, "One Michigan Moment in Time."

The book brings insight into how Harris cultivated into the man he is today, though he once questioned if he'd ever be. In his own words, Harris was, "not supposed to make it." As a high school student, he wondered, how do I get to Michigan, with about a 2.7 GPA and 18 ACT?

In four years, he played and quit basketball at University of Michigan – Dearborn, participated in civic engagement, and community service; other organizations even recognized and molded their leadership models from Harris' example as a servant leader and activist. Reflecting on his pre-collegiate fears along with mid and post-collegiate successes, Harris attributes his tunnel vision mentality to mentors, colleagues and friends gained during his journey.

Not taking for granted the opportunity to pursue higher education, Harris has been on a continued mission to pay it forward through workshops, seminars, and books – like this one.

Adam's L.A.W. Lessons Along the Way

Published: July 28, 2015

Formats: Paperback

From the flap: No matter how young you are, you've probably already figured out that life isn't easy. You will face many challenges on your journey, but you are capable of overcoming them. In fact, you are a highly gifted individual who can achieve great things if you learn how to value yourself - and start viewing tough time as opportunities to grow.

Adam's L.A.W. helps you discover the talents with which you've been blessed and shares how you can use them to battle fear, serve others, and press on to achieve your dreams. Filled with inspiring personal stories and motivational wisdom, this unique guide to life tells it like it is... while reminding you that hope has a surprising power to change even the hardest circumstances.

Press on, future leader! You have a bright destiny ahead.

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Purchase a personal signed copy of Adam’s L.A.W. at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

A Heart to Give: A Journal of Transformation

Published: July 8, 2010

Formats: Paperback

From the flap: In March of 2007, I embarked upon a trip to Louisiana to help rebuild a community devastated from post Hurricane Rita in 2005. During a week long service event hosted by United Way, I joined 150 students from across the country to help in the never-ending recovery. During this very humbling experience, I began to realize how important it was for me to be involved in my community locally. Upon return to Southeastern Michigan, I felt that Detroit was undergoing an economic downturn that left many communities crying out for help.

When reminiscing about my Alternative Spring Break experience, I was empowered to get more students involved in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Talking with United Way for Southeastern Michigan in a meeting, I dreamed about bringing Alternative Spring Break to Detroit to help rebuild local neighborhoods and community agencies in need. This experience was very historical to United Way because it was the first time they hosted an experience outside of a post hurrican devastated area.

A Heart to Give looks inside my thoughts and journals during my experience in 2007, and documents how empowered I felt upon return to Detroit, Michigan. Realizing that we can all make a difference, I am thankful to all the students who gave of their time to help revive the area of southwest Louisiana. I hope that by my example and the example of the many other students apart of the ASB experience, that citizens around the country can notice the importance of being involved in their own communities.

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